Inspiring Insurgence - Timebomb

Planned or not planned

Boat charter stockholm

This summer we are going to visit sweden. We usually do the same thing and just drive our car around and stops on places we think looks interesting. We never have something planned, but that just means we usually end up doing the same stuff. We go swimming in a lake somewhere, have a "fika" at some café and things like that. But this year we have some things planned for the trip. We have this boat tour in stockholm that we're going too. We looked up some interesting museums along the way up to stockholm. We even looked up events, like festivals and if we're in the same city a festival is in we're planning to just stop by and take a look around. I think this is a better way to travel. I like to be spontaneous, but that can sometimes be a bit boring, I think.

But some families are different. Some plan everything they are going to do and have no room for something else. That's not good either. If you always follows the plans you might miss out on something even better. The things you have planned might not be as fun as you thought or it might go faster than planned. If you have no room for spontaneous things you might end up just waiting around for the next thing on your schedule.   
I don't know. I think I'm somewhere in the middle. I like to have some things planned but I don't want to be completely locked down by it. If I see something thats looks like fun or something that looks beautiful I want to stop the car and have a look at it. But everyones in different and nothing is right or wrong when you travel.